The Industry

Annual Industry Revenue:  $1 Billion
Projected Annual Growth: 4.9%

Initially perceived as throw away gadgets, contemporary mobile devices have increased in importance, complexity, cost and functionality, making today’s devices less disposable and consumers more likely to have them repaired.
Enter CellFurb Inc.CellFurb Inc. provides on-premises repair of cell phones, iPads, game systems and other electronic gadgets from franchised locations that offer “while-you-wait” service.
Specializing in water damage, charging ports, broken LCD’s and much more, CellFurb Inc. has the capability of fully restoring damaged devices – in-store and usually in under an hour.
“Internet-enabled smartphones are more expensive than basic-feature phones and are therefore more likely to be repaired instead of replaced. Smartphones also have fragile LCD (liquid crystal display) screens and touchscreens, inaccessible batteries and other breakable parts that make them more likely to need repair.”

The Business

We’re a society that loves our gadgets – and we can’t stand to be without them.
CellFurb Inc. franchise owners are uniquely positioned to capitalize on our society’s growing gadget dependency.  This includes cell phones, as well as tablets, gaming systems and computer systems.  The CellFurb business model enables franchise owners to operate four key profit centers:

  • Device Repair Services
  • Buy/Sell/Trade Service
  • Accessory Sales

Being one of the largest franchise of our kind, we offer distinct advantages over the competition, such as:

  • Greater brand awareness.
  • Stronger internet presence.
  • Lower parts pricing through our preferred supplier relationships.
  • Sophisticated point-of-sale (POS) and other operational technologies.

Our large nationwide footprint combined with our technological capabilities, also makes CellFurb Inc. the preferred choice for national account clients with mission-critical repair needs.
Our franchise owners operate retail establishments throughout the country, employing technician and service staff to run the business.  Some franchise owners are ‘hands on’ and others choose to be more ‘absentee.’  Our model allows you to choose the approach that’s right for you.


An Affordable Retail Concept With Quick Build-Out.

Initial Franchise Fee $30,000
Training Fee $5,000
(includes operations and technicians training)
Minimum Liquidity $85,000
All-In Estimated Range $101,400 – $228,500
(single unit, including all initial fees, build out and operating expenses for 3 months)


A Franchise Is a Partnership.
We’ve grown to be the category leader by focusing on sustainable value for our franchise partners in the following key areas:

  • Product/Service Diversity
  • Operational & Technical Training/Certification
  • Preferred Supplier Pricing Programs
  • Aggressive Lead Generation Programs
  • Advanced Operational Technology
  • National Account Relationships

CellFurb UniversityAs a new franchise owner, you’ll be enrolled in CellFurb University, our initial training program for both franchise owners and their technicians.  While you are learning about business planning, operations, inventory management, our POS system and human resource management, your initial technician(s) will be in our in-house lab learning to do repairs.  When you all leave, you’ll be ready to launch!
Following your initial training, a Home Office representative will visit your location to assist with store setup and your grand opening.

Our Process

Our Discovery Process.

We follow a structured process for educating you about the CellFurb Inc. franchise opportunity, and for getting to know YOU.  It’s called our Discovery Process and at the end of it, we’ll both know if a CellFurb Inc. repair franchise is right for you.  After completing our Franchise Information Request Form, we will email you some additional information and then complete the following steps:

  • Program Review Phone Call:  a 30-60 minute “get to know you” phone call designed to establish your background and motivations for owning a CellFurb Inc. franchise. We will provide you with the highlights of our industry and franchise, answer your immediate questions and explain our candidate review process.
  • Upon receipt of your completed Profile Form, we will send you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to review, and set an appointment to answer your FDD questions.
  • We encourage you to perform independent due diligence/research as part of the process, and come to us with your thoughts and questions.  We prefer candidates who exhibit high degrees of enthusiasm, initiative and thoroughness throughout the process.
  • Validation Calls: once you have accumulated enough knowledge about our industry and franchise opportunity, we will have you speak with current franchise owners directly about their experiences.
  • Launch Timeline:  we will work with you to establish your potential CellFurb University training dates based on your desired timeframe for launching a business.  We will then explain the activities and their deadlines that must be completed in order to attend your desired class.
  • Territory Definition: with your target training date established, we will work with you to help you understand your territory options and potential.
  • Franchise Agreements: if we offer you a franchise and you accept, we will perform a background check and, assuming your background check is approved, draft your Franchise Agreements for execution.
 Interested? Email us!