Whistler’s Dead Season Deal Is Back!

We all love dead season deals! CellFurb has an exceptional offer this year, we are offering $40 off all iPhone screen repairs! We understand money is tight during this time and we know that every one of you LOVE deals. Book in a repair from now to secure your deal. Our promo is only on iPhone screen repairs, checkout the pricing here 






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Whistler Local Pricing

Screen Replacement

100% Original Screens

Life Time Warranty

Now Every Day

iPhone 8 Plus: $139.99

iPhone 8: $129.99

iPhone 7 Plus: $129.99

iPhone 7: $119.99

iPhone 6s Plus: $119.99

iPhone 6s: $109.99

iPhone 6 Plus: $109.99

iPhone 6: $99.99

iPhone 5s,5c,se:$89.99

iPhone 5: $79.99

Must Have Local ID

Whistler Local Pricing

Battery Replacement

100% Original Batteries

Year Warranty

Now Every Day

iPhone 8 Plus: $89.99

iPhone 8: $79.99

iPhone 7 Plus: $79.99

iPhone 7: $69.99

iPhone 6s Plus: $69.99

iPhone 6s: $59.99

iPhone 6 Plus: 59.99

iPhone 6: $59.99

iPhone 5s,5c,se:$54.99

iPhone 5: $54.99

Must Have Local ID

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