Over the last 3 years CellFurb has grown it’s brand to repair electronic devices. CellFurb’s key operation is in Whistler, BC and has generated half a million dollars in sales. CellFurb has a unique way of communicating with customers and repairing devices using technology. With this unique way, CellFurb easily dominates the market. CellFurb wants to expand into Revelstoke, BC, Nanaimo, BC, grow operations in Ottawa and open a shop in Peterborough, ON


CellFurb is seeking investors to reach $150 000. This money will be put towards opening new repair locations in Revelstoke, Nanaimo, and Peterborough as well as growing operations in Ottawa.

How to Invest

A crowdfunding campaign will be coming shortly. For bigger investors ($10k or more) Please contact us directly