Here you can book a repair, see the services we offer and see how it works! Just click on a date, a time, fill in your contact information and you're good to go! A tech will get back to you asap to confirm the booking and get your device fixed! 

Please propose a time that best fits you!

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*Screen protectors are not installed in a dust free environment. We have an extremely high success rate and we will do our absolute best to make sure there is no dust under the protector. Refunds will not be given for screen protectors with dust particles under the protector. See Terms for more information.  
** If we are required to order a part a 50% down payment will be charge before ordering! 

How To Get Your Phone To Us! 

1. Door To Door Service - We only offer a door to door service which is included in the price. We will come to your house/ work/ hotel, pick up your device, fix it and bring it back! How easy is that!? 

How it works

1: Check out our pricing.
2: Book an appointment 
3: Check your email for a confirmation email (Check your junk box if you can't find it)
4. Back up your device on iTunes or iCloud
5: Have your device collected
6: The device is delivered shortly after
7: Pay for the repair. We accept Debit, Credit Cards, and exact Cash.
8: Enjoy your newly fixed phone!
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