All iPads That Require Just Glass Repair


Glass Replacement**

LCD**: $140

LCD & Glass**: $180

Battery***: $100


All iPads That Require Glass & LCD Repair


LCD Digitizer Replacement**

Battery***: $270

Legal and Information

CellFurb Inc. is required to charge federal and provincial taxes on all repairs. Please check your local tax laws for tax rates.

CellFurb Inc. and its products are in no way endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Apple, Google, HTC, Motorola, Blackberry(RIM), LG, Huawei, ZTE, Sony and Samsung or any of their subsidiaries.

*CellFurb Inc. offers pickup and delivery. Please read our terms and conditions prior to pick up.

**Product marked with ** will require us to order in the part from our warehouse in Toronto.

***Battery replacement will only be preformed on a non damaged phone. Battery swaps will not be preformed. Battery replacement are not guaranteed to fix your battery live, many times it is another part of the phone at is not working. CellFurb will under no circumstances replace your battery with your old one and or return. By booking a repair you consent to these policies.

CellFurb Inc. only used Sea To Sky Cell Repair Pricing as a reference point for customers. We love our competition and love our friends down in Squamish! When we can't fix a phone we will always recommend Sea To Sky Repair. 

CellFurb Inc. only used Apple Pricing as a reference point for customers.  When we can't fix a phone we will always recommend Apple. CellFurb Inc. has no affiliation with Apple.

If the device is unrepairable CellFurb Inc. will charge $30 plus tax for the labour.