Current Support Stats

We get to 67% of emails within 1h. and the other 33% within 8h!

We get to 98% of chats within 5 minutes and the others within 10 minutes!

We get to 92% of calls in our online hours in 2 minutes and get to the others within 1h via email!

We get to 98% of texts within 1h and the others within 5h!

We get to 95% of Facebook messages within 1h and the others within 5h!

We get to 97% of Twitter messages within 1h and the others within 5h!

Most Popular Support Channels 
28% Chats
13% Calls
14% Facebook
9.4% Voicemail :disappointed:
6.4% SMS
6.3% Offline Chats :disappointed:
3.1% Twitter